Kenz A.Soliman

Hey there! I’m Kenz

A wife,mother and empire builder 😉

and I am not here to talk too much of myself….I value your time! 

My Story:

I started working online in 2011 as a social media marketer and as good as things were…I wasn’t happy trading hours for dollars and to be honest it was not what I had passion for….I wanted more!

my clients started asking me for private training on how they can do their marketing themselves and that was my “AH-HA!” moment! I did love marketing but I was so passionate about teaching marketing! having the ability to change someone’s life through what you teach them was exactly what I wanted to have and feel! and this is where it all started!

since the first day my first student got massive results from what I taught them I took a decision to keep changing people’s lives through m courses! and now I am living my dream and teaching over 10,000 entrepreneurs from over 147 countries worldwide! (I still say: “OMG! is this really happening?” to myself every time I write this or say it!)

My Mission:

I like to keep things as simple and to the point as possible and that’s why I’m gonna keep this page short to not waste your time. I am a Wife,Mom,Online Empire builder and Home Business Instructor on one of the largest online courses platform Udemy I teach people how to save more time and earn more money and build their own online empires by working smarter not harder. In my courses you will find out that 30 minutes really can change a life! don’t get me wrong here….not like earn a million dollar kinda thing…but to change a thought inside your brain from feeling and thinking “you CAN’T” do something to “WOW! that was EASY!” is the way I see that I change lives with…. my mission is to take you by the hand and make you remove those blocks from your mind about marketing being hard and about success being impossible…together we take baby steps to massive success!

How can I help you reach your goals in Marketing and building your online business?

My 1 hour Courses: Join over 10,000 students from 147 countries around the world in my short and to the point courses that will teach you tips and tricks in Marketing,Social Media and Online Business that will get you results as soon as you put them into action

My courses are Simple, No Fluff, Actionable Content, that will help save time, cut your learning curve and fast track your development. you can find them here: Courses

2- My Blog: From time to time it is good to read a post or watch a video to give us tips,tricks,inspiration and new ideas to add to our businesses which is why I started my humble blog to try my best to help you stay inspired and motivated on your entrepreneurial journey. Blog

So…Let’s get started and not waste another minute! Jump on to my FREE gift for you! my video training “10 minutes passive income streams” is yours free! download it here

Just a Boss Girl
Stay Focused…Stay Fabulous